The City's BEST Playground!

Tour Tails Inn The City

So, you’re interested in the best doggy daycare in Canton but want to check it out first… we are happy to provide scheduled tours from 6pm to 7 pm, Monday thru Thursday. Due to our play times, this is the best time for our staff to provide tours while making sure the pack is taken care of.

Scheduling a tour is easy. Just contact us today and we’ll get it set up!

We encourage you to review these pointers to help facilitate your tour:

  • Tours typically last 10 minutes.
  • Upon entering our facility, you will be given a welcome packet that reviews our prices and requirements for daycare and boarding. We have geared this packet to our new clients in hopes that it answers many of your questions. Please review this packet before your tour. If you have other questions, our staff is happy to help you.
  • Tours are modified because we focus on allowing our dogs to be out in our play areas at almost all times of the day. Therefore, our play areas are displayed on our media screen in the main entrance of our daycare.
  • One of our staff will be able to give you a brief guided tour of our facility. They will walk you through our small dog side and you will be able to view the large dog play areas from this room. You will also be shown our grooming area and you will be able to look through the door of our boarding area. Due to dinner times, only our staff can enter the boarding room.
  • Please do not reach your hands over the walls or attempt to pet any of our dogs in our place areas.